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sue raymond's Profile Image
sue raymond, Last month

They were thorough and efficient.

Jay Kunzler's Profile Image
Jay Kunzler, Last month

no issues

Paul Darnall's Profile Image
Paul Darnall, Last month

Exceeded expectations in terms of quality, pricing and performance. Leaves the competition in the dust.

Pam Sampson's Profile Image
Pam Sampson, Last month

Very pleased with the service

Theresa Meiser's Profile Image
Theresa Meiser, Last month

Rick was a great technician! They were able to take care of us quickly, which was much appreciated! Would definitely recommend Potter!

Elin Orman's Profile Image
Elin Orman, Last month
Ccc Hhh's Profile Image
Ccc Hhh, Last month

The best customer service ever from Ricky. He was kind, understanding and fixed our problem in no time. Thanks!

Jim's Profile Image
Jim, Last month

Had Kenny from Potter Heating, Cooling & Plumbing perform maintenance on our propane furnace today and he was today excellent. Had to do it on his side/back in our cramped crawl space and was amazingly all smiles and upbeat and worked for several hours under there. His detailed summary of all he accomplished gives my wife and I total confidence in a worry free heating season!!

Paul V's Profile Image
Paul V, Last month
Peggy McBride's Profile Image
Peggy McBride, Last month

Kenny was extremely courteous. I felt much better when he explained that all is well with my boiler system.

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