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Gas-Fired Pool Heaters

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Gas-Fired Pool Heaters

Do you want to get more usage out of your outdoor swimming pool? At Potter Heating Cooling & Plumbing, we can install a gas-fired pool heater that can help you enjoy your pool year-round. If you need a pool heater for your existing pool, or if you are installing a brand-new one, we’re the team you can rely on for an expert installation job and continued service on your pool heater, or any heating system, that’ll allow you to enjoy it uninterrupted.

  • Full Service: Installation, Replacement, Repair & Maintenance
  • Committed to Completing Every Job at the Highest Level of Quality
  • Expert Care from Experienced Technicians

Whatever service you need for your home heating and cooling, we’re right there and ready to bring our best. When you call Potter Heating Cooling & Plumbing, you’re not just calling for a simple service—you’re getting peace of mind.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and quality workmanship. Trust the experts at Potter Heating Cooling & Plumbing.


Gas-Fired Pool Heaters

Today’s gas-fired pool heaters are reliable and affordable. They deliver fast and consistent heating no matter the outdoor weather and are the best choice for heating large pools. They can be installed in both indoor and outdoor pools, making them highly versatile.

The Benefits of Gas-Fired Pool Heaters

Gas-fired pool heaters offer many benefits compared to electric, heat pump, or solar pool heaters. They’re the best choice for a heat that’ll quickly and efficiently warm a swimming pool, making them the ideal option for pools that are only used periodically. They can also maintain the desired temperature despite the weather or climate conditions.

Pool Heater Installation

We can help you select the best gas-fired pool heater for your indoor or outdoor pool. Next, we’ll professionally install it so you won’t have to worry about safety concerns or performance issues. Rely on the team at Potter Heating Cooling & Plumbing for a professional pool heater installation job that’ll give you peace of mind.

Pool Heater Replacement

If your current pool heater is beyond repair or you want to make the upgrade to a gas-powered pool heater from an electric, heat pump, or solar pool heater, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Pool Heater Repair

When your pool heater is malfunctioning and not allowing you to make full use of your swimming pool, you’ll notice it immediately. Whether it’s delivering inconsistent heating, making strange noises, or won’t turn on at all, give us a call for prompt pool heater repair.

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