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NYS Clean Heat

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The NYS Clean Heat program is something all of our New York State customers can take advantage of to offset the cost of a new heat pump. Heat pumps are more energy-efficient ways of heating and cooling your home, townhouse, apartment, and plenty of other living arrangements. If you want your heat pump installed by the best, let Potter Heating Cooling & Plumbing be the one to help.

  • Helping You Work With NYSCH Rebates
  • Excellent Quality Installations Every Time
  • Help You Find the Right Heat Pump for Your Home or Apartment

Installing a heat pump can be daunting when you’re so used to other systems. Our team of expert technicians makes it as simple as possible to sign up, and the installation process will leave you feeling at complete peace. Let’s upgrade your family’s comfort in Brighton, NY.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and quality workmanship. For all your heating and air conditioning needs, trust the experts at Potter Heating Cooling & Plumbing!


What Is NYS Clean Heat?

NYS Clean Heat is dedicated to installation of over 100,000 heat pumps in the state of New York in an effort to reduce household spending while limiting energy consumption. It’s an electrification project that stands to revolutionize your comfort, whether you live in a house, townhouse, apartment, manufactured home, or other living arrangement.

NYS Clean Heat Eligibility

To be eligible for NYS Clean Heat, you need to use a qualified contractor. That’s where we come in. Qualified contractors submit applications on behalf of the homeowner/consumer. We’ll help walk you through the steps from start to finish, and when the day comes, we’ll install and/or replace your heat pump.

New York State Clean Heat

NYS Clean Heat wants to have 100% zero-emission electricity by the year 2040, and that can only happen as we all move in small, gradual steps. There are milestones in place to reduce energy consumption across the state, and you can benefit from those efforts. In order to hit the NYS goals, over 500 buildings need to be decarbonized each year. It’s your turn, and we’ll help you along the way.


The installation process is the same as any heat pump. Your new unit will use refrigerant to absorb heat from all the air located around the heat pump, then cool it, all while using a small amount of electricity compared to other heating and cooling systems. We do our best to ensure a simple, frictionless installation process in Brighton, NY or the surrounding areas.

NYS Clean Heat Replacement

Do you already have a heat pump, but it’s on its way out? You can still take advantage of the program to install a new heat pump. We’ll remove your old unit and completely replace it with the new one. If your heat pump is close to the end of its days, a newer, more energy efficient SEER2 model heat pump will be even better for your comfort (and your wallet).

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