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Zone Control Systems

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Zone controls give you the chance to take control of your home’s heating and cooling in an entirely different way. You’ll have the ability to fine-tune and custom tailor your heating and cooling, reducing your costs and bringing a precise level of comfort to your home. If you’ve ever considered yourself picky about the temperature, a zone control system may be perfect for you.

  • Better Temperature Control Solutions Than What You Have Now
  • Expert Installation and Explanation of How the System Works
  • We Put the Power to Control Your Comfort in Your Hands

With zone control, creativity is a major part of how you use it. With proper insulation and a plan in place, you can use zone control effectively and efficiently without increasing your energy costs. We’ll make sure you have the right system that makes sense for your home and family.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and quality workmanship. For all your heating and air conditioning needs in the Finger Lakes, NY, trust the experts at Potter Heating Cooling & Plumbing!


Zone Control Systems

Zone control systems use dampers and thermostats to help identify different temperatures in your home and react accordingly. If you want, you can set one room to a different temperature than another, and the differences can be as big as you’d like them to be. Zone control systems work best in an area with good insulation and solid doors, but can work in a variety of other living arrangements as well.

Zone Control Air Conditioning

Is one room in your house always chillier than the others? It probably doesn’t need more cool air pumped into it, right? Or maybe you don’t want to cool the entire house down because you only like it when your office is chilly. Either way, however you like to cool your home, a zone control system allows you to do that.

Zone Control Installation

Zone control installation applies to existing ductwork and an existing HVAC system. Consider it an add-on that changes the airflow in your ducts. When installed, each damper and thermostat will work in tandem, but that requires a fair amount of electrical work. We’re ready to install your zone control system and put more power in your hands when it comes to how you heat and cool your home.

Zone Control Repair

Zone control systems use thermostats and dampers to operate. The most common problem with these units is an electrical issue, which happens from time to time. Repairing these problems is fairly simple with the right tools, experience, and know-how. We’ll handle any repair you need for your zone control system in the Finger Lakes, Brighton, NY and surrounding areas, no matter what.

Zone Control Replacement

Zone control systems can fail, as any element of your HVAC system can. But it’s important to note that when these fail, it doesn’t mean your home’s heating is doomed. You just won’t have access to zone control until we come through and fix it. Potter Heating Cooling & Plumbing will have this back up and running before you know it, restoring your comfort and ability to custom tailor your home’s comfort zones/levels.

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