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Dual Fuel Systems

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There are benefits to heat pumps, but gas furnaces are reliable and are what most people are used to. Now, there’s a better way to heat your home, and it includes both of them. Dual fuel systems are complex systems that need to be installed by trustworthy professionals to ensure quality. Reach out to our qualified team to install your dual fuel heating system.

  • We Put the Power to Control Comfort in Your Hands
  • Knowledgeable Technicians Carefully Install Everything
  • Dedicated to a Higher Standard of Service

Heat efficiently without compromising on how fast your house heats up. Either way, you’re saving money and choosing a more dependable energy source. You win every single way.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and quality workmanship. For all your heating and air conditioning needs in the Finger Lakes, NY, trust the experts at Potter Heating Cooling & Plumbing!


Dual Fuel Systems

Combine a gas furnace and an electric heat pump (which provides air conditioning, too), and you get one of the most reliable heating systems available to homeowners. It’s as energy efficient as you can get for heating your home quickly. Get the best of both worlds without compromising on the time it takes to heat your living space in the Finger Lakes, Brighton, NY or the surrounding areas.

Dual Fuel System Repair and Maintenance

You can use a gas furnace and a heat pump together to make an amazing heating solution, but no matter how amazing it is, it still needs repairs and maintenance from time to time. Let our team of technicians handle every repair and maintenance appointment along the way to keep you in top form for next winter.

Let Us Improve Your Heating and Air Conditioning

A dual fuel system means you won’t have an all-electric house. However, a propane furnace does serve as the best way to supplement your heat when you need it the most. Since heat pumps also work for air conditioning, you have an entire home heating and cooling system at your disposal. Let Potter Heating Cooling & Plumbing help you install a new dual fuel system so you can take control of your home’s temperature and comfort.

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