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Peace of mind is something that you can’t put a price tag on. Knowing that your home is protected against uncertainty from storms, power surges, and disasters is an unmatched feeling of safety and security. But the installation and the installers matter just as much as the solution. Reliable technicians lead the way to peace of mind.

  • You Get Higher Quality Work With Our Standards
  • Detailed Installation to Provide Peace of Mind
  • Free Estimates on All Installations, Including Generator Installation
  • Financing Options Available

We handle everything from installation to replacement and repairs in between. Your comfort and sense of security shouldn’t be dependent on the power grid, especially in NY.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and quality workmanship. For all your heating and air conditioning needs in the Finger Lakes, NY, trust the experts at Potter Heating Cooling & Plumbing!


Generator Installation

Generators help relieve so much stress that it’s rather difficult to imagine life without one once you’ve had one installed. A whole-house generator is an investment in your safety and sanity, and with our generator services that we’ll cover in a moment, you have a one-stop shop ready to help you maintain it. Let us help you pick the right generator for your home and install it as soon as possible so you can start enjoying peace of mind today.

Generator Replacement

A house generator has its own specific issues that it runs into over time. It’s not a portable generator that you can just haul into the garage and replace with a new one: it’s wired into your home. Your backup generator needs to be replaced, so let’s find the most reliable option for your home that makes the most sense for you. We’ll take care of the rest.

Generator Repair

Generator repairs can get a little messy. Whether it’s an automatic standby generator or a solar generator, there’s a slight difference to every repair. No matter how good your generator maintenance is, eventually, you will need a repair. Call Potter Heating Cooling & Plumbing in the Finger Lakes, Brighton, NY & surrounding areas, and we’ll get started diagnosing your generator so we can provide the most reliable, suitable repair as fast as possible.

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