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Your Home Versus Winter: Early HVAC Maintenance Help You Survive the Cold

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HVAC Maintenance Checklist

There is a lot to enjoy about winter, but having the cold seep into your home without proper HVAC maintenance is not one of them. A neglected HVAC system leaves your house open to cold conditions. Not only is this uncomfortable for you and your family, but the cold can cause lasting damage to the structure of your home.

By getting a professional overview of your HVAC system, the winter won’t leave any permanent detriments to your home.

Our professionals provide a thorough walkthrough of your home system. To make sure your HVAC’s functionality is optimal, we perform in-depth tasks including:

  • Monitoring unit for cracks and other damage
  • Cleaning burners and purifying ignitors
  • Inspecting of all components for electrical fidelity
  • Gauging the efficacy of blower units
  • Synchronizing thermostat readings
  • Fixing any kinetic functionality
  • Checking fuel and electrical component

These tasks as well as our experience with the complexities of HVAC units can provide a solid buffer against the winter chill. However, the benefits of a fully maintained HVAC system can sometimes be surprising. Read on to learn about the many ways your home will be enhanced with a fully maintained system.

Lower Your Utility Bill

A poorly maintained HVAC system spends valuable energy working extra hard to stave off the cold. This leads to a lot of wasted value and ultimately leads to higher utility bill costs. High-functioning, well-maintained systems don’t waste as much energy. That efficiency means you are spending less over the winter months for heat that you’re not using.

Extends Lifespan of HVAC System

One of the worst things for an HVAC system to do is break down in the middle of a winter storm. The damages can be tremendous and surviving the sub-optimal temperature is something no family wants to deal with. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system extends the lifespan of a unit. In fact, pre-winter maintenance can sometimes alert homeowners to catastrophic failures, giving households enough time to fix (or sometimes improve!) the lifespan of their units.

Make Your Home Comfortable Temperature

The most obvious benefit of a well-maintained unit is the comfort an HVAC system can provide. Warmth and proper circulation are essential when living in low-temperature areas. Extended exposure to winter months can put a great strain on neglected units, giving the indoors a poor resistance against the outside elements. However, cared-for units will give your home or business much-needed warmth until the summer comes.

Reduces HVAC Repair Costs

Something homeowners may not recognize right away is the long-term savings early maintenance can have on the wallet. Early caught problems in the HVAC system can mean less overall damage to crucial units. When the damage is lower, owners don’t have to shell out as much money to fix units that are on the verge of being unrepairable.

Be First In Line

As you can imagine, the winter is busy for professionals qualified in HVAC maintenance. The urgency of winter problems means that many professionals are tied up which makes the line to get serviced longer and longer. Early HVAC intervention means you can expect shorter wait times and will be in front of the line before disaster strikes.

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