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Noises Your Air Conditioner Shouldn’t Be Making

You’ve had your air conditioner for long enough that you know what it should sound like, so what happens when weird noises come out of the woodwork that you know it shouldn’t be making? If you know something doesn’t sound quite right, it means you need AC repair in Brighton, NY before something bad happens. Let’s explain.

Sounds Are Indicative of Future Problems

When you hear odd sounds from your AC, it’s a warning sign that your air conditioner sends your way. Something is wrong, and this is the only way it can let you know. Your air conditioner has many working parts that need to be in sync with each other during operation, so when one component begins to fail or threatens to stop working, you need to tend to it right away.

Heavy Banging Sounds

If you hear the noise of metal banging against other metal, that’s a sign that something’s been knocked loose in your AC. This could be something in the condenser or something like a fan blade that’s starting to loosen up and lose alignment.

Either way, it’s not good. If left alone for long enough, it can lead to more components loosening and knocking around, and it’s only a matter of time before a big problem comes out of it all.

Clunking Noises

If it sounds like a clunky or thudding noise, you can look at your fan blades as the problem. The fan that pushes air through your ductwork can sometimes loosen just a little, and one or two fan blades can get knocked out of alignment. Every time a misaligned fan blade makes a full revolution, the blade can hit the fan housing and create this sound.

Buzzing or Soft Humming Noises

Buzzing is almost always electrical. With a lot of electrical components in your air conditioner, it’s hard to pinpoint where the problem is just from listening, but the important thing is that you recognize the issue in the first place.

Power down your unit and call for repair services as soon as possible. One bad electrical component can surge and damage other components in your air conditioner which can lead to an even costlier repair bill.

Metal-on-Metal Screeching Sounds

There are a lot of metal components in your air conditioner. During maintenance, these parts are lubricated so they don’t produce friction when they interact with one another. But when that lubrication wears down, your AC runs into a problem.

When metal parts clash together, it’s not just a sound they produce–they create unnecessary tension in your air conditioner and that can lead to premature part failure or bigger breakdowns if left unchecked.

Time for Air Conditioner Repair

You’ve been around your AC long enough to know that what you’re hearing isn’t a normal noise. It’s time to call in the professionals to handle the situation before it becomes a bigger problem than it needs to be. Let us take a look at it as soon as possible and stave off a major breakdown.

Contact Potter Heating Cooling & Plumbing today to schedule your next air conditioner repair. Expert case, next-level transparency. That’s the Potter way.

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